“Lazy Girl” Workouts

This is my first post on my fitness page of my new blog! Working out is something that I enjoy doing so I not only look healthy but so I can feel good about myself as well. It’s amazing the difference it makes on a day in which I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Even a five minutes workout is better than nothing at all (or so my motto is)! You don’t have to be as good as those trainers you see on workout videos. Never compare yourself to them because they’ve been training for YEARS to get to where they are at. For those of you beginning a fitness journey, I am right there with you šŸ™‚

I am most active during the summer months, so I tend to “hibernate” in the winter and feel excessively lazy. But, I have to FORCE myself to make those changes in myself because I know that it is important. I don’t workout on a regular basis, just here and there when I get time, but I feel amazing those days that I do! I can’t wait for spring and summer to get here so I can get back into running around town. I always have to retrain so I can get my stamina back. Last summer was the best summer of running that I’ve experienced. I even ran 6 miles without stopping! Now, that’s very rare for me. I never liked running. But when you get your groove, you’ll know how to push yourself and how long to go. It’s all about perseverance and dedication.

During this winter, I came up with an idea for a “Lazy Girl” workout…. for those days that I had no ambition to strap on my tennis shoes and workout gear. This workout may seem slightly bizarre but I PROMISE you, that I have actually noticed a difference in myself and in my muscles! Below is what I typically do for these workouts… it is super easy!

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym. In fact, this workout is one done simply at home during moments in my day that I am just standing around. Ok, let me explain… again it may sound slightly different. Just hang in there and listen! While standing in the shower one day, I thought to myself, “I could be working out right now… I’m just standing here waiting for the shampoo to be rinsed out.” Then, LIGHTBULB. I can be working out right now! Here is my typical “shower” workout.. it’s nothing strenuous (so you don’t slip in the shower!) and doesn’t tire you out.

1. 100 calf raises (For beginners just start with about 40-50. You’ll feel the burn… that means it’s working!!)
2. 20 side dips (Place both hands on the top of your head. Bend straight to the left side at the waist 45 degrees. Go back to the start position, holding your hands on your head. Repeat this motion but on the right side. That is one rep. Continue to bend to the left and to the right until you finish 20 reps. These will help cinch in your waist so you can get that hourglass figure!)
3. 20 Squats (Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Pretend to sit in an imaginary chair as you squat down. Hold for 3 seconds and return back to the standing position. Continue to do this for 20 squats. Feel your hamstrings burn! Do more if you are able to do so.)
4. 20 standing crunches (Place both hands on the top of your head. Bend forward as far as possible until your back is parallel with the floor. Make sure to tuck in your abs as you do this. Return back to the starting position and continue to do this for 20 reps. Really tuck in those abs or it won’t be as affective!)
5. 25 standing pushups (Depending upon how your shower is built, make sure you have enough room to place two hands on one wall and lean into it almost like a standing plank. Decide the most comfortable angle for you as you will be doing pushups against the wall. Just like a pushup you do on the floor, lean your body weight into your arms as you do 25 wall pushups. Be careful… it might be slippery!)
6. 20 leg lifts (Stand with your feet together. With your right leg and using just your hip, right leg, and abs, lift your leg directly backwards about 45 degrees. Return back to start. This is on rep. Complete 20 reps on this leg. Switch to the left leg and do another set of 20. It helps to shape your butt and get rid of those love handles!)

What better place to workout than in the shower! Give me your comments about this workout and let me know what you think! You can also do some of these moves while you’re brushing your teeth, waiting for the toast to pop out of the toaster, and so forth.

Hope you enjoy and notice the body changes that I have even with such a small workout! The key is to do this every day. Add reps as you get better and stronger and change up the order every once in a while to keep your body guessing what will come next.

xoxo Jackie


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